CatastropheNet provides educational information for preppers & survivalists to help you prepare for the threats and hazards that face our changing world today. We face a number of catastrophic disaster threats today, ranging from North Korea’s threat of nuclear war & electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to lurking natural hazards such as pandemics, hurricanes & earthquakes and everything in between, including economic collapse, cyber terrorism threats to our power grid, and civil unrest. As a prepper, it’s critical that we focus on preparing ourselves and our families for these disasters. We must educate ourselves and families ¬†about these threats. We must develop common sense habits to build resiliency, self-sufficiency, and sustainability that will serve us well in any doomsday scenario. Finally, we must build our relationships and network with other preppers & survivalists in our communities. ¬†CatastropheNet is here to help you and other preppers accomplish these goals!